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What is Epsagon

Epsagon allows you to monitor and troubleshoot issues in microservice environments. It's designed to make Dev and Ops teams more efficient by identifying problems, correlating data, and finding root causes.

Monitor Your Environments#

k8s-clusters.png Epsagon makes it easy to monitor your cloud services, container orchestrators (Kubernetes and AWS ECS), and serverless functions. Monitor the CPU and memory utilization of your containers and the duration and cold-starts of your serverless functions.

Monitor Application Performance#

arch-map.png Epsagon shows you the health status of your architecture and gives you visibility into services dependencies. Get alert notifications for exceptions, timeouts, and custom applicative metrics you define critical to your app.

Troubleshoot Issues Fast#

trace-error.png When it comes to identifying symptoms and digging into service calls, Epsagon automatically captures a full distributed trace end-to-end, including the payloads sent along the route. Epsagon also correlates metrics and logs so that you have everything at your disposal when troubleshooting issues.

How does Epsagon work?#

Epsagon integrates with your architecture in multiple ways:

  • Epsagon integrates with your AWS account by deploying a CloudFormation stack. The integration introduces cloud metrics, events, and log queries. Learn More
  • Epsagon integrates with your Kubernetes cluster by creating a ServiceAccount. This integration introduces Kubernetes metrics, events, and log queries. Learn More
  • Epsagon integrates with your containers and serverless functions runtime environments via the Epsagon library. This integration enables distributed tracing, payload visibility, application metrics, and service map generation. Learn more

Getting Started#

To get you started, you might find some of these links helpful: