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Visualize Applications

Epsagon can help understand complex and distributed applications. The service map decomposes your application into resources and services and draws the observed connections between them, automatically and in real-time, so you can identify errors, dependencies or performance bottlenecks in your architecture:

Service dependecies

With the visualization, you can easily hover each resource to understand which resources are dependent (connected) to him:

You can also get to a focus-mode by right-clickling on the desired resource, and selecting focus mode:

Detecting performance issues in resources

Looking for an errored resource can be done simply by observing red arrows in the graph. Red arrows represent a problematic call that has a more 0.5% error rate. To gain a better understanding you can click on the relevant node to see more information, and jump to traces to explore the exact issue.

In addition, you can drill into a detailed breakdown of your service's calls by clicking on it, and looking at the duration breakdown:

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Visualize Applications

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