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The Slack integration creates workflows for your team. Triage, resolve, and explore issues directly from Slack.



Any user on the Epsagon account can install this integration. Slack defaults to letting any workspace members authorize apps, but they may have to request access. See this Slack help article for more details.
If you prefer, you can use an existing webhook integration instead of setting up the application.


To integrate Epsagon into your Slack, go to the settings page on your Epsagon dashboard and click the "Connect to Slack" button:

The following page will be opened, click Allow to continue:

You will be redirected back to the settings page, and you should see the following message: Epsagon is now integrated with Slack.

Set Up an Alert

Once connected, go to the alerts screen to create or edit an alert. You can redirect alerts to your desired Slack channel(s). Click "Add Channel" to send alerts to multiple destinations.

For more information, you can review our Slack application in the Slack App Directory.

Slack Webhooks

Epsagon also provides a way to integrate into existing channels' webhooks. Follow the same instructions as above to create the alert, but instead choose "Slack Webhook" as the destination channel. Be sure to add your webhook URL.


There is a 5 minute cool down on alerts for each issue

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