All Epsagon plans provide full access to the product features. The main parameter for billing is the number of traces.


What is a trace?

One trace will be sent for every incoming service request.
For example:

  • Web server HTTP/S request.
  • Message queue consumer.
  • AWS Lambda invocation.

Only traced services will be calculated. A traced service counts as a service where the Epsagon agent is installed.

For more information, explore our pricing page.

Free Trial

The trial period (14 days) provides you with the opportunity to test all of Epsagon's features, start onboarding your team, and monitor your applications.
The quota in your free trial is automatically set to 10 million traces. If you are looking for more, please reach out to us.

During this period we will stay available for any product questions you may have. Start your free trial here.

Free Tier

Once completing your free trial period, you have two options:

  • Choose your desired paid plan. You can find more information, and the suggested plan for you in your billing page.
  • Downgrade to the free tier.

The free tier provides a quota with up to 1K traces per month, free of charge.

Billing and Charges

The day you upgrade to a paid plan is the start of your billing period. From here, there are only two different times you will see charges from Epsagon:‌

  • On the day you upgraded to a paid plan.
  • On the monthly/annual renewal date of your billing period.

If you decide to upgrade your plan, you will be charged with the pro-rated sum only.

We accept payments with credit cards, or a wire transfer only for the annual plans. To pay with a credit card, go to your billing page, and upgrade your plan.

Usage and Quota

Understanding your usage can be done from the billing page:

AWS Marketplace

Epsagon is available for purchase through the AWS Marketplace.

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