AWS Lambda

Tracing Lambda functions can be declared in three methods:

  1. Auto-tracing through the Epsagon dashboard.
  2. Using the serverless-plugin-epsagon if you're using The Serverless Framework.
  3. Calling the SDK.


Choosing one method

Make sure to choose just one of the methods

Calling the SDK is simple:

const epsagon = require('epsagon');
  token: 'epsagon-token',
  appName: 'app-name-stage',
  metadataOnly: false,

// Wrap your entry point
module.exports.handler = epsagon.lambdaWrapper((event, context, callback) => {
  // Your code is here

// Async functions example
module.exports.handler = epsagon.lambdaWrapper(async (event) => {
  // Your code is here

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