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Get Started

AWS Lambda

Installing the library


For Maven projects, use:

  <version>{Epsagon version}</version>

The version will be in the format n.n.n, the latest maven-central version is specified at the top as a badge.


For Gradle projects, first, add the nuiton repository:

repositories {
    maven {
        url 'http://maven.nuiton.org/release/'

Then, configure epsagon as a dependency:

compile "com.epsagon:epsagon:${epsagon_version}"

The version will be in the format n.n.n, the latest maven-central version is specified at the top as a badge.


For SBT projects, use:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.epsagon" % "epsagon" % {epsagon_version}

Using the library

The easiest way to get started is as following:

  • Set the entry point to your Lambdas as com.epsagon.EpsagonRequestHandler
  • Set the following environment variables:
    • EPSAGON_ENTRY_POINT - The real entry point to your code, the one you had previously configured (should be something like com.yourcompany.YourHandler::handlerMethod)
    • EPSAGON_TOKEN - Epsagon's token, can be found at the Dashboard
    • EPSAGON_APP_NAME - A name for the application of this function, optional.

And that's it! Your function is ready for invocation.

If you do not want to configure environment variables, please use this alternative:

First, create a simple class that extends com.epsagon.EpsagonRequestHandler like so:

import com.epsagon.EpsagonRequestHandler;

public class EpsagonWrapper extends EpsagonRequestHandler {
    static {
        try {
        } catch (Exception e) {

The class should have a static initializer that calls the EpsagonRequestHandler.init() method,
and gives it your Lambda's actual entry point as a parameter. The return value of this method
is an EpsagonConfiguration object. Configure your token and application name using this object,
like the example shows.

Finally, set this class as the entry point of your Lambda (instead of your original handler). This class will automatically load your original handler and execute it.

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AWS Lambda

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