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The Python tracing library allows you to collect and monitor your Python application traces, calls, metrics, and correlation to logs.

Tracing Lambda functions#

To trace AWS Lambda functions in Python please refer to the following AWS Lambda tracing.


Install our Python library using pip:

pip install -U epsagon


To run the library as part of your application, you can choose between one of the following methods:

  1. Using auto-tracing.
  2. Calling the SDK.


Auto-tracing loads the Epsagon library as part of your application. Configurations can be done through the environment variables:

python <APP-NAME>

Calling the SDK#

Another simple alternative is to copy the snippet into your code:

import epsagon
epsagon.init(    token=<EPSAGON-TOKEN: str>,    app_name=<APP-NAME-STAGE: str>    metadata_only=False,)

The supported frameworks and libraries are listed here.


Now that you’ve completed the setup, you can see new traces coming up on your traces search screen. If you don't see any please refer to the FAQ section.

Further reading#

The tracing library is open source and available on GitHub. For more detailed configurations and features read about the tracing library.