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AWS Account

Set up monitoring to your AWS account (for ECS, Fargate, Lambda, AppSync, and any other resource) by integrating Epsagon to your AWS account. The integration doesn't require any manual setups. It is based on a predefined CloudFormation template that can be deployed using a simple, built-in AWS wizard.

Integrate multiple AWS accounts#

With Epsagon, you can integrate as many AWS accounts that you want. Just follow the deployment process on each account that you wish to integrate.

Deploying the CloudFormation stack#

On the onboarding wizard, or through the AWS settings page, click the deploy button. It will open the following wizard on your AWS account (make sure to log in to the desired AWS account):


You can leave all details as they are. To deploy, just mark "I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names.", and click "create stack":

You can also deploy the Epsagon stack using our Terraform integration.


In less than a minute, the stack deployment will complete. Epsagon is getting an automated notification for that so you don't need to set anything else.

Terraform deployment#

Epsagon also provides the ability to deploy the stack through Terraform. For more information read here