EventBridge integration trigger issues and insights from your Epsagon environment directly to an EventBridge bus, that can be handled with a custom treatment using Lambda functions:


Requirement: integrate your AWS account

This feature is available only for integrated AWS accounts


To start, you'll need to set up the Epsagon partner event bus in your account. Go to the EventBridge settings page, and click on the create button. Set the desired AWS account and region:

Once created, go to the EventBridge service on the AWS console, and get into partner event sources:

Select the Epsagon event source, and click associate with event bus, and then associate again:

Now you should be able to see status active:

Now, go ahead to rules, select the Epsagon event bus, and click on the create rule:

In the define pattern section, make sure to choose the following values:

Complete the rest of the rule setup according to your configuration.

Set up an alert

Once set, go to the alerts screen. You can create an alert, and in the channels, select EventBridge and choose the event bus:


There is a 5 minute cool down on alerts for each issue

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