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Explore Events and Logs

Epsagon makes it easy to explore recent events from services and logs from tasks, allowing you to triage errors and understand the health of your services.

Service events#

To watch your service events, just click on the service's row:


Correlating Traces to Logs#

In the Service Map of your trace, access the logs by clicking 'Show Log'.


Epsagon automatically correlates traces to logs in the following programming languages and logging frameworks:

  • Java: SLF4J framework
  • Node.js: Bunyan
  • Python: logging module

Using a different programming language or logging framework? Let us know by hitting the button at the bottom right-hand corner.

Task Logs#

To explore your task logs, click on the task's row, and then on 'View Logs':



I can't see task logs / No logs found for this task in CloudWatch#

In the ECS screen, Epsagon pulls logs from tasks that are configured to ship logs into CloudWatch Logs (logDriver: awslogs). In case that button is disabled, it means that your logs are not configured with this driver.

To learn more about configuring awslogs as your log driver, please read more the following tutorial.