This package provides tracing to .NET applications for the collection of distributed tracing and performance metrics in Epsagon.


Open source repository

This is an open-source project which can be found at our GitHub repository.


To install Epsagon, simply run:

dotnet add package Epsagon.Dotnet.Lambda

Or, using PackageReference in a *.csproj file, follow instructions here.


Trace URL

You can get the Epsagon dashboard URL for the current trace, using the following:

# Inside some endpoint or function
Console.WriteLine("Epsagon trace URL: "+ EpsagonUtils.GetTraceUrl())


The following frameworks are supported by Epsagon:

FrameworkSupported Version
ASP.NET Core>=2.1
AWS LambdaAll


Epsagon provides out-of-the-box instrumentation (tracing) for many popular frameworks and libraries.

LibrarySupported Version


Advanced options can be configured as a parameter to the Config struct to the WrapLambdaHandler or as environment variables.

ParameterEnvironment VariableTypeDefaultDescription
TokenEPSAGON_TOKENString-Epsagon account token
ApplicationNameEPSAGON_APP_NAMEString-Application name that will be set for traces
MetadataOnlyEPSAGON_METADATABooleantrueWhether to send only the metadata (true) or also the payloads (false)
TraceCollectorURL-String-The address of the trace collector to send trace to
UseSSLBooleantrueWhether to send the traces over HTTPS SSL or not
IsEpsagonDisabledDISABLE_EPSAGONBooleanfalseA flag to completely disable Epsagon (can be used for tests or locally)
_EPSAGON_DEBUGBooleanfalseEnable debug prints for troubleshooting

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