Debug Exceptions

Epsagon aggregates all issues and exceptions into a single dashboard, helping teams to understand problems faster. Exploring and analyzing issues can be done from the issues screen:

Understanding Issues

The issues table will show you the following information:




Issue type in a colored tag
Issue message
Issued resource
Last time the issue occurred


visualization of issue over a selected timeframe


The application where this issue occurred


The total occurrences of the issue in the selected timeframe

Alert Rules

Indication of a defined alert rule, or a prompt to create one


Indication of a muted alert rule. No notifications will be received for this issue


The team member assigned to resolve the issue

Click on the issue message to further explore the problem. For example, clicking on an exception will lead us to the traces search screen, with a preset filter for the specific exception:

Click on the event to show the trace and exception details:

Issue Management

Managing issues will help you to stay on top of problems in your applications.



Resolve an issue

Select the desired issue/s, under actions select Resolve

Open an issue as a ticket in Jira

Select the desired issue/s, under actions select Open Jira Issue

Mute or unmute an issue

Toggle the mute selector on the desired issue's row

Assign an issue

Select the desired issue/s, under actions select Set Assignee

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