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Visualize Applications

Epsagon enables you to understand complex and distributed applications. The Service Map decomposes applications into resources and services, drawing their observed connections in real-time, so you can identify errors, dependencies, or performance bottlenecks in your architecture.

Service Map example:


Service Dependecies#

Hover over a resource in the service map to understand which other resources are dependent (connected) to it.


Focus View#

Focus View allows you to zoom in on individual resources, and see exactly which other resources are dependent on it.

Enter Focus View by right-clicking on the desired resource and selecting focus view.


Detecting Resource Performance Issues#

Looking for an errored resource can be done simply by observing red arrows in the graph. Red arrows represent a problematic call that has a more 0.5% error rate. To gain a better understanding you can click on the relevant node to see more information, and jump to traces to explore the exact issue.

In addition, you can drill into a detailed breakdown of your service's calls by clicking on it, and looking at the duration breakdown: